Charlie's Success Stories

I’m Charlie and I can’t thank you enough for helping me rescue my friends!

We are incredibly grateful to all of you! 

Scroll down to see some of my friends.  These are the lucky ones that have been rescued, brought to Maine and adopted into loving homes.  It took a lot of work and dedication from the many volunteers who made it happen.   These are happy dogs.  

I’m sure they join me in thanking everyone involved including all the volunteers, sponsors and our many generous donors.

Here are some of the dogs that Charlie has rescued.

All of them have been adopted into loving homes!

These are Happy Dogs!

Rescue Charlie's Friends wins an award!

Mutts Across America recognized Rescue Charlie’s Friends as a “TOP SHELTER IN THE U.S.A.” and awarded $5,000!  The money will help with plumbing, electrical, sinks and more needed for the interior of Charlie’s new building.

Rescue Charlies Friends Dog Rescue Maine
Mutts Across America Award
Rescue Charlies Friends Dog Rescue Maine
Mutts Across America Award

June 2021 Adoptions

April 2021 Adoptions

March 2021 Adoptions

January 2021 Adoptions


The wonderful people at WPOR are partnering with Rescue Charlie’s Friends to help raise money for Charlie’s Building!

Jon, Joe and Courtney host our weekly broadcast talking about Rescue Charlie’s Friends and the work we do rescuing dogs, bringing them to Maine and matching them with their new families.

Click on Web Page to see the Dog of the Week then click on Broadcast to hear Rescue Charlie’s Friends on the radio! 

Week 1)  Janine and Deirdre  –  Web PageBroadcast

Week 2)  Cathy and Lee- Web PageBroadcast

Week 3)  Janine and Lynne – Web PageBroadcast

Week 4)  Jill and Lee – Web PageBroadcast

December 2020 Adoptions

We are so proud to be partnering with WPOR!  We thank them SOOO much for helping Charlie raise money to build his own rescue building!  

And we thank Courtney  at WPOR for this HOWL-OWEEN collage of some of Charlie’s friends that he rescued!

November 2020 Adoptions

Surfy and Turfy

Surfy is a female Labrador mix and Turfy is a male Labrador mix.  They are seven months old.

We were so happy when we found out that Charlie was bringing us to Maine.  Then when we got here WE GOT ADOPTED!  We could not be happier!

Loving our new Life.

Rescue Charlies Friends Dog Rescue Maine

Hi, I’m Pappa.  I never met Charlie but I was so happy when his organization brought me and lots of his other friends up from Alabama.  I was adopted a few weeks ago and I have never had such a wonderful life.  I get lots of love and attention and I will love my new family for ever and ever.  I feel so lucky to have been rescued.  Charlie rescues all of his friends that he can and we all love him for it.

My only problem is that I like both of these couches and I can’t make up my mind which one to sleep on.