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Fostering Charlie's Friends

How it Works

What is "Fostering"?

Fosters are very important. Without them, we could not save the dogs. There would be no dog rescue.

Rescue Charlie’s Friends Dog Rescue (RCFDR) pulls dogs from high-kill shelters and transports them to Maine. Through our web site and others, many of the dogs are adopted before they even arrive. Even so, they still have to spend five days in quarantine before they are given to their new family. 

Dogs in quarantine and dogs that have not yet been adopted need to be cared for and housed. 

This is where the Fosters come in.

Fosters care for the dogs until they are adopted, usually within one week. RCFDR advertises the dogs for adoption, screens the applicants and coordinates with the Foster to turn the dog over to the new family.

Foster Coordinators

A Foster Coordinator works closely with each Foster. Before the dogs arrive, the Foster Coordinator will contact Fosters who can either accept or decline the invitation to receive a dog or puppy. If the Foster agrees, arrangements will be made to transfer the new arrival to the Foster.

The Joy of Fostering

Want to save a dog or puppy without expense and without making a lifetime commitment? Want to feel the love from a dog that is so happy to be in a warm, safe place?  Want to see the trust in a dog’s eyes as it realizes you care for it and want to help? 

Fosters do that. Fosters feel that. Fosters see that.

What Does it Cost?

Nothing.  Only your time. 

Whatever you need such as food, beds, kennels, collars, leashes and puppy pads are provided by Rescue Charlie’s Friends as are all approved medical expenses.

Fosters do not have to pay for any of these expenses.


What if I Need Help?

Your Foster Coordinator is the your first line of support if anything is needed, whether it be supplies, advice, assistance or veterinary care.

I Want to Foster - How do I Begin?

The first step is to fill out the Foster Application. Once approved, you will be contacted about the logistics of your particular foster.  You will be advised where to meet with foster coordinators, be provided with supplies and/or special instructions. 

Plans for the pet’s future adoption prospects will be shared.

All we ask is that you provide a clean, safe place for the pups to rest, and of course lots of love and snuggles to welcome them to Maine! 

Know the Rules

Make sure your Town, Homeowner’s Association, Homeowner’s Insurance or Landlord doesn’t have rules, such as prohibitions against certain breeds, that interfere with Fostering.

Medical expenses must be approved and be facilitated by Foster Coordinators. 

While in your care, you agree to treat the animal(s) humanely and with respect to RCFDR’s wishes. 

The animal may not be moved or re-homed without permission from the rescue. 

Rescue Charlie’s Friend’s retains the right to remove the pet from the property at any time. We care about the well-being of all of our foster animals as well as our foster families! 

Your Opinion Matters

Charlie’s Friend’s appreciates the Foster family’s observations of the pet while in their care. Not much may be known about their prior history when they arrive in Maine, 

So who knows if they love kids and other dogs or are terrified? Do they want to eat small animals, chase them or think of them as their babies? 

Fosters provide important firsthand knowledge of the dog’s temperament, personality and comfort zones and helps assure a successful adoption. 

Some foster dogs may have behavior Issues to be addressed. Such as: basic obedience and housebreaking, or counter surfing, pulling on leash, jumping on guests, separation anxiety, inappropriate barking or reactivity. 

For the best interests of all parties, please reach out to your Foster Coordinator if you find your foster dog has behavior problems, especially if you are unwilling or unable to deal with them.

  Your Foster Coordinator will be able to offer assistance, advice, consultation with a qualified trainer or can place the dog with someone else.

Communication is Key!

Please let your Foster Coordinator know of any health problems, behavior problems or of any supplies needed. We want to know about any and all concerns that you may have. 

Please Remember...

We are here for the dogs, but we are also here for you.

Without our Foster Families, it would not be possible to

Rescue Charlie's Friends!

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