Rescue Charlie's Friends

Charlie's Success Stories

I’m Charlie and I can’t thank you enough for helping me rescue my friends!

We are incredibly grateful to all of you! 

Scroll down to see some of my friends.  These are the lucky ones that have been rescued, brought to Maine and adopted into loving homes.  It took a lot of work and dedication from the many volunteers who made it happen.   These are happy dogs.  

I’m sure they join me in thanking everyone involved including all the volunteers, sponsors and our many generous donors.

Charlie has rescued thousands of dogs. Here are a few of them.

All of them have been adopted into loving homes!

These are Happy Dogs!


Homer is a male Hound mix.  He is three or four years old and weighs forty to forty five pounds.  He has had a sad life and now he is a happy dog with a new family!

You don’t want to know what went on at my house.  OK, I’ll tell you the ending but not all that led up to the kids and me being terrified and the police breaking down the door.

Things were so bad they took the kids into Children’s Protective Services.  Then they took the mom and dad to jail.

I started barking because I was afraid every one would leave and wouldn’t even know I was there.  What if they all went away  and left me chained up inside the closet?  I was really scared they might go away without even knowing I was there.  I had already been in there a couple of days and I was pretty scared and hungry.  I was so glad when they found me.

So what now? 

I’ve been adopted and my new family promises never ever ever EVER to chain me up and lock me in a closet!

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