Our Sponsors

Thank you each and every one!
Without our sponsors we couldn’t rescue dogs like we do.

Thank you!

Camp Bow Wow is conveniently located in Portland, Maine near the Jetport.

They offer:
Doggy Day Care
Dog Boarding
In-Home Pet Care
Dog Training

Watch your dog on your phone or tablet via our web-cam!

Loyal Companion Stores

A People store for Pets

From new puppies and kittens to old cats and dogs we see all domestic pets as well as exotics,  such as birds and reptiles 

Online sales of Pet Supplies.  Your Best Friend’s Favorite Store

An eBay store specializing in pet supplies

The Odd Lot Outlet
10,000 Items – All Unique and Unusual

Order your Pet Food at Chewy.com and Rescue Charlie's Friends will get a $20 donation!

Chewy donates $20.00 to Rescue Charlie’s Friends the first time you use this link to  purchase food.  

Great Food and a great place to go for lunch or dinner.  

Great People!  Always ready to help the community!

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