Rescue Charlie's Friends

How Can Volunteers Help?

Want to help Charlie’s Friends in ways that are both fun and important?

We rely on volunteers in lots of ways.  Here are some of them:

Writing content for Facebook, Blogs, Newsletters and the website

Transporting dogs for vet appointments

See anything that interests you? 

Is there something else you would like to do to help Charlie’s Friends? 

Just let us know. 

Washing and grooming new arrivals



Transport Coordinators

Photography – We need lots of pictures.  

  • Pictures of dogs waiting for adoption.  
  • Happy dogs with their new family. 
  •  Videos of dogs playing, being washed, meeting their new family or just being cute. 

Pictures!  Pictures!  Pictures!

Assisting at Events

Event Planning

Foster Coordinators

Looking for a perfect Couch Buddy?

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