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Daisy's Story

Daisy has cancer.  She was left behind at a shelter in Alabama because she has a large cancerous tumor on her left rear leg.  Surgery is not an option.  This is a hospice situation for Daisy.  

The thought of her spending the rest of her days alone in a shelter was too much to bear. Charlie wanted to save his friend.  

Rescue Charlie’s Friends arranged for Daisy to be picked up from the shelter, examined by veterinarians (who confirmed that her days are numbered) and fostered in Alabama.  Transportation to Maine was arranged and upon arrival, she was immediately taken in and adopted by one of our terrific Fosters!  A happy ending to a tragic situation. 

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This is Daisy's Story

I remember jumping in the car with my brother thinking Oh boy here we go! A car ride adventure! My brother and I always hang out together, like Mutt and…Mutt! We watch other cars go by, some even have dogs too! And when the car stops we get their attention by our nose art on the windows! 

It wasn’t a very long ride when we stopped at this building and heard the many dogs living there. They were all barking at once so it was hard to understand what they were saying. The car door opens and we trotted in through a side door to a special kennel for us. 

We waited and waited for our chance to meet and play with the other dogs. We waited and waited. And waited. I told my brother to be patient, that they were getting ready for us. When a stranger gave us our food bowls we hesitated not knowing if they were for us or our guests. After awhile the lights went out and all was quiet.

We tried to sleep on the blankets they gave us but everything was strange and we didn’t know what was going to happen next. My brother and I took turns lifting our head and moving our ears to see if we could see or hear our people coming back for us. We cried a little to no one there.

The next morning we were still awake when the stranger arrived at our kennel. Hip hip hurray! We wagged our tails and jumped and howled in happiness for we’re going to finally meet our friends! Or we’re going home! And then the stranger walked away. We both stood pressed up against the fencing to keep this stranger in our sight. We watched his every move. Until he gave us our food bowls and disappeared behind the door. I couldn’t eat. Neither could my brother. We snuggled to keep us comforted and feeling safe. And waited.

And so went the day. And the next day. My brother and I were all we had and we sighed and slept a lot. We kept asking each other “what did we do wrong?” Maybe they’ll give us another chance. I know we can make it up to them. I’ll watch the house more. I won’t bark at the door except once to let them know someone is here. I promise I won’t scarf up their dinner if they leave it on the counter. And I won’t knock them over with kisses when they’ve been gone for days at the grocery store. I’ll try to stay off the furniture when they’re gone and I am done with digging holes in the flower bed. Yeah! They’ll see!

A different stranger came to see us one day. We both looked at him staring at us and cocked our heads back in bewilderment. The stranger left. All of the sudden our kennel door opened and my brother got swiftly leashed and led away. He went with them easily thinking I was coming just behind him. I tried to follow but they closed the gate and all I could do is watch and call to him. He looked back at me once and then he was gone.

I lost all hope.

The days and nights and nights and days all melded together. I couldn’t lift my head or wag my tail. My heart was so heavy that I didn’t even notice the large growing cancerous mass on my leg weighing me down and I felt a darkness surround me. The light inside me burned out. I didn’t even cry.

Daisy…Daisy… I heard a soft female voice whispering to me. Over and over she softly called my name. I heard her but didn’t want to look. She kept telling me to hold on. That she will help me. She can love me. Do I want to come home with her. I lifted my head. She was so loving and beautiful. I had a tug in my heart and felt like I should comfort her. She had such compassion and strength. And she said “come home with me.”

In a matter of seconds I jumped at her offer! OK, let’s go!

I’m in the car, back seat, great views by the way, and Willie Nelson’s tune “on the road again” is streaming through my brain. Looking out the windows I see rolling hills, the sun is in, and then it’s out, playing games in the clouds. And the scents…air sure smells good coming at me! I see birds flying and squirrels scampering. It must be Fall! I can remember Fall! That’s when leaves cover the ground and pile up just so I can jump and scatter them again.

We stop and I see a house. She takes me inside. Already she has a bed and food bowl and hugs ready for me. I’m beginning to feel better. I am beginning to think I just might be OK. 

I think she likes me. Her man seems to like me too. They make me feel so loved! They understand that my inoperable tumor will shorten my life but not prevent me from enjoying sunshine, kisses, hugs, walks, treats, companionship, for however long I have in this world. I can now be happy and content. I have love to give you, you know.

Wouldn’t you know when I just got settled life thrust me on the road again! I can’t get that tune out of my head! But this time I cannot help but have the feeling that I’m going to be OK. That someone will see that I’m special, that I have a lot of love to give, and maybe they are looking for a dog just like me!

So I arrive, again, in a strange place. This person comes to me, opens her arms and heart. She sees my tumor. She knows that I may not have much time. She loves me anyway. I come to my final home and I like it. She lets me be me, warts, tumors and all.

Daisy has been adopted by the most compassionate person you could imagine.  Daisy will live out her days in her new home where she receives the love and care that she wants and needs.  In return she will give all of her love and devotion to her last breath.

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