Charlie's Success Stories for 2018

2018 was Rescue Charlie’s Friends first year rescueing dogs.  Looking back on that year, we have to say that we have come a long way!

I’m Charlie and I can’t thank you enough for helping me rescue my friends!

We are incredibly grateful to all of you! 

Scroll down to see some of my friends.  These are the lucky ones that have been rescued, brought to Maine and adopted into loving homes.  It took a lot of work and dedication from the many volunteers who made it happen.   These are happy dogs.  

I’m sure they join me in thanking everyone involved including all the volunteers, sponsors and our many generous donors.

Here are some of the dogs that Charlie has rescued.

All of them have been adopted into loving homes!

These are Happy Dogs!

Here's Teddy

Teddy was chained in the yard so long that his collar had grown into his neck and had to be surgically removed.  He is very happy that the collar is gone. His neck has completely recovered.  

He loves his new family and they love him too.  Who wouldn’t?

I'm Borris

I was adopted and I was so  happy.  Then one day, they brought me back to Rescue Charlie’s Friends Rescue and left me there.  I don’t know why.  I didn’t do anything wrong.  It  broke my heart.  I really loved the whole family and they loved me too.  At least I thought so.

Borris has been adopted!  (Yes, again).  He is a VERY  happy dog now living with his new forever family.  Congratulations Borris!

Beagle / Labrador Mixes

These amazing Beagle / Labrador mix puppies are nine weeks old.  Four Girls and Two Boys.

All of them have been adopted and are living a great life in Maine!




Grace and her Labrador Mix Puppies

Here are Grace’s amazing puppies.

These nine week old Labrador mixes pass the cuteness test with ease.

These lucky dogs have all been adopted into their new loving families!


Grace was not up for adoption

Mystery Puppy

Boy? Girl? well, probably…

We thought we had it solved…

It turns out that Grace had seven puppies. for a while, we had no pictures and we didn’t even know if it was a boy or girl.

The Seventh Puppy

So finally, they told it is is a BOY.  

But when Mystery Puppy got here, yes, you guessed it.  SHE was a GIRL!! (Note to people in North Carolina – Take a closer look next time)

Mystery Solved! (again)

Billy Jo, Billy Bob and Billy Jean

We are from the south and … You already knew?  How did you know?  Anyway, we have been adopted and we love our new families! 

These adorable siblings are three month old Beagle mixes

Billy Jo
Billy Bob
Billy Jean

What people are saying

I adopted a puppy from Rescue Charlie’s Friends on June 2, 2018 named August. My thirteen year old dog had passed away the month before.

I renamed him. Bud Lite. Bud because he is my Buddy and Lite because he is the Lite of my life.

I am some what of a hermit, but Buddy gets me out walking everyday. We have met many wonderful people and other dogs on our walks.

He means everything to me.

PLEASE keep up the good work you are doing both for the dogs and the families that are fortunate enough to adopt them.

Brother and Sister

Jaida and Jett are three month old Dachshund / Heeler mixes. Jaida is a female and Jett is a male.





My brother Jett and I are very sweet and loving puppies. We have new families now.  We never knew we could be so happy!

Here's Addie

Here's Lexie

Here's Lola

I’m Addie.  I’m a one year old Great Dane and Labrador mix.  I’ve been adopted into a great family They already had a dog who is my new best buddy!

Hi I’m Lexie and I’ve been adopted by a great family.  I live in Bar Harbor now and I have Acadia National Park for my backyard. I couldn’t be happier!

I’m Lola.  Watch me walk around on my back legs like a circus performer.  My humans love it!

Here's Jami

Hi, I’m Jami and I’ve been adopted by people who love me and I love them too!

Jenny Lee

Hi, I’m Jenny Lee.
I’m a one and a half year old female Hound / Labrador mix.  
I am so happy that my four puppies have already been adopted into new homes and loving families.
Now I’ve been adopted too! 

Here's Rocky

Rocky is a Boston Terrier mix.  He is easy to love.

I’ve been adopted!  I have a great life now!

Wow - Three Georgous Lab Puppies

Two boys and a girl! Talk about sweet and lovable? Here they are!


Sorry, You missed out – These cute puppies have already been adopted!

Madame Simone

Madame Simone

They used to call me “Astrid” but when my friend Charlie rescued me, he gave me a new name –
“Madame Simone Signoret”.  Wow!  He must really like me.

Hi , I’m Vixon and I’ve been adopted into a wonderful family!


Daisy has a new family and is as happy as she can be!



Bambi has a new family and she really loves them!

I've Been Adopted!

Ellie Mae

Hi, I’m Ellie Mae.  I’m a young female Labrador / Hound mix and I’ve been adopted into my new family!  I’m super happy now!

Mommy Mia and all of her gorgeous puppies have been adopted into their new families. Lucky Puppies!

Mommy Mia and her Puppies

Moxie (formerly “Pepsi”) has a wonderful disposition and has been adopted into a great family.  

Her adorable Huskie / Lab mix puppies have all been adopted too!

A real “Southern Belle”

Petunia, a Treeing Walker Coonhound / Lab Mix and her puppies.  Adopted!

Jenny's Puppies

These are Jenny’s puppies.  Two boys and two girls. They are sweet, lovable Labrador mixes and all were adopted into loving homes.  Happy Puppies!


Buddy has a new home!

Buddy could not be happier with his new family.


Borris is a four month old Labrador mix and already knows that he is really, really cute.  He is very happy now with his new family.

Jimmy Superfly

Jimmy Superfly



Chyna has been adopted by a wonderful family and couldn’t be happier!


Here's Tinker

Tinker has been adopted by a great family.  She now lives on an island off the coast of Maine.  She made her very first trip on a ferry when her new family took her to her new home.  

Tinker is a lucky dog!

Here’s Sprinkles

Sprinkles is a Border Collie mix.  She has been adopted into a great home!


Nola was picked up by Animal Control in Alabama with scars on her neck from a chain that had grown too tight.  She has been adopted by a wonderful family and couldn’t be happier!


She wanted nothing more than to love and be loved.  She got her wish!






Hank Junior, Mary Jane and Terrie Mack

Hank Junior
Mary Jane
Terrie Mack

Josh and Dylan

What lucky dogs!

Josh and Dylan (renamed by their new family Maverick and Goose) have been adopted into a wonderful family and now live in Readfield.

Maverick and Goose have been together their whole lives and now they get to stay together.  They have beds of their own but their new family includes young girls and I bet they spend their nights on the girl’s beds.

Don’t doubt me – I know how this works…


Becky has a new family and now lives in Windham.  She will have a great life there.


Cheryl is a lucky girl.  She has a great new family and now lives in Old Town.


Katie moved to Augusta with her new family.

She has a new best buddy in Gunner, a lab mix, who is five years old.  Have fun Katie!


Rhett is a very sweet and lovable, Lab mix Pup.

His new family includes a five year old Labrador-Mountain Cur mix.  What a great new friend!  She can teach him lots of new things.


Tres has been adopted and is now living in Phippsburg.  He will have a great life with a lot of love.

Here’s Ace

Ace was abandoned and found on the side of a road. 

Ace has been adopted and is now living in a loving home in Auburn, Maine



Senna has been adopted into the loving home she dreamed of and now lives in Fort Kent, Maine.



Sage and her sister Lotus have been adopted into the same wonderful home.  They now live in Fryeburg.  They love each other and their new owners.



Lotus and her sister Sage have been adopted into the same wonderful home.  They now live in Fryeburg.  They love each other and their new owners.



Willow is a female and has been adopted by a great family.  They already had a 10 year old Chocolate Lab who is now Willows best buddy.



Iris  is a female puppy adopted by a great family and now lives in Hampden, Maine.

Iris is already best friends with the family’s young boys.


Rose is a cute female puppy.  She has been adopted by a wonderful family that includes two young girls.  I wonder which girl’s bed Rose sleeps on.


Now that’s a lot of Happy Dogs!

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