Charlie's Success Stories

I’m Charlie and I can’t thank you enough for helping me rescue my friends!

We are incredibly grateful to all of you! 

Scroll down to see some of my friends.  These are the lucky ones that have been rescued, brought to Maine and adopted into loving homes.  It took a lot of work and dedication from the many volunteers who made it happen.   These are happy dogs.  

I’m sure they join me in thanking everyone involved including all the volunteers, sponsors and our many generous donors.

Here are some of the dogs that Charlie has rescued

These are Happy Dogs!

June 2020 Adoptions

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November 2019 Adoptions

Katie was full of surprises!

Katie is staying with a Foster down south and was originally scheduled to arrive in Maine the first week of August.
The Foster noticed that Katie was a little fat.


Katie gave birth to four beautiful puppies!

It will be early November when the puppies are old enough and Mom is ready to travel to Maine to be adopted.  Check back on this web site for updated pictures and information about the puppies.  

Katie is a ten year old female Chihuahua mix.

rescue charlies friends dog rescue

I am friendly with everyone.  I would love to be a part of your family.

rescue charlies friends dog rescue maine
resscue charlies friends dog rescue Maine

Here are Katie's Puppies

Three boys, one girl. Born on July 30th

Rescue Charlies Friends dog rescue Maine
Rescue Charlies Friends dog rescue Maine

I would love to be a part of your family.

Rescue Charlies Friends dog rescue Maine

I’m a girl.  I have three brothers and of course they are all boys.  We all want to be adopted.  Can you help?


Daisy is a six year old female Boxer with an inoperable tumor on her leg.  She is very sweet and gentle.  Daisy is housebroken and great with people, kids, other dogs and even cats.

Click Here and Read Daisy’s Amazing Story of Cancer, Rejection, Abandonment and finally Adoption!

Rescue Charlies Friends Dog Rescue

Daisy and her brother were dumped in a rural Alabama shelter. Her brother was adopted but Daisy was not.

Why hasn’t anyone snatched Daisy up? She’s a GORGEOUS Boxer. She’s potty trained, spayed, GREAT with people, kids, dogs and even cats.
Daisy hasn’t gotten adopted because she has a large tumor on her leg.  The vet believes the tumor is cancerous and far too involved and complicated to remove.
Daisy just needs a place to live out the rest of her days in a loving, understanding environment.

rescue charlies friends dog rescue in maine

Daisy is in a tough spot.  The tumor on her left rear leg is cancerous and is too involved to be removed surgically.  It doesn’t seem to be bothering her much or causing pain, at least not yet.  We don’t know how long she will last but this is very likely a hospice situation.


Booboo is a three year old male Chihuahua mix.  Booboo is in Maine now and staying with a Foster.

Rescue Charlie's Friends Dog Rescue Woolwich Maine

Booboo is with a Foster here in Maine. The Foster says that Booboo is the perfect dog.  He is a real cuddle bug and loves people and kids.  He is great with other dogs and plays well with them.

Booboo is completely housebroken.  He walks on a leash without pulling.  He doesn’t mind being in his crate when he can’t be snuggling with you on the couch.  Booboo is smart and catches on quickly to commands.


Nic is a male Husky Mix. He is seven or eight months old.

Rescue Charlies Friends Dog Rescue Maine
dog rescue in maine rescue charlies friends
rescue dogs in maine rescue charlies friends

Nic is in Maine now and staying with a Foster.

Nic is a super sweet boy! Very relaxed and has a great demeanor. He gets along great with other dogs but does not prefer puppies. He is motivated by attention and treats. He is very playful. Nic is amazing with children!